When Did I Become My Parents' Parent?

Taking Care Of Your Parents

Grenier FInancial - Parental Discussion

Taking care of your Parents is a subject with which Pat has extensive personal and professional experience, as she continues to care for her mother as she takes her Journey to end of life. The thought process and coordination of locations, services, and financial considerations can be overwhelming and challenging.

Pat would like to share her experience working within a large family of siblings, and the navigations she has experienced caring for her mom who is a dementia patient while caring for her dad who became ill and passed during the height of the Pandemic.

Pat will discuss how she and her siblings have made the tough decisions.

  • When do you know?
  • Who do you talk to – Expert Advice?
  • What will this Journey look like?
  • What about security and wandering?
  • Two elderly Parents – How long can this work?
  • Separation – Emotional Challenges
  • Financial Challenges
  • Family Dynamics – Taking Turns, who’s managing the Meds, are we doing the right thing?
  • Denial – how could this be happening?
  • Guilt & Tears
  • That call at 2 am
  • The car and the keys
  • Following their end-of-life wishes—Safety and Comfort
  • Having Financial and Legal affairs in order.

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