How To Improve Your Finances In 2016

The future is tomorrow. Having money set aside for an emergency will keep you out of debt. Debt is the biggest enemy we face. It creeps up little by little and before you know it you are swimming in it. Here is how to avoid it and get out of it:

  • Buy what you need not what you want. There is a big difference.
  • Use your savings to buy what you want but only when there is enough in the account to pay for it.
  • Pay your bills on time and add extra payments to pay down debt faster. In other words, do not pay only the required minimum.
  • Pave on areas that you can, such as, bring you own lunch to work, go out for dessert and a drink instead of a full meal, select inexpensive hobbies. I’m sure you can think of
  • ways you can save.
  • Take advantage of sales and coupons. Retailers are facing stiff competition and are constantly offering “bargains”.

Learning good financial habits will reward you for life!