Meet Sasha

Goal: Pay for college tuition for her three boys
Career: ER Doctor

Sasha is the mother of three boys who came to us many years ago when her children were little. She wanted to see if it was possible for her to pay for their college tuitions in full by the time they were college-aged.

Sasha was an ER doctor at the time. Like many people, her parents were never able to save money for their children’s college tuitions, so Sasha had to take out many college loans and work to support herself and her studies. It was hard, and she was still paying off the student loans when we met her.

Together, we considered her options.

Eager to help, first we asked about her boys—even though they were still young, we needed to know what kinds of professions she imagined for them and what kinds of schools she hoped to have them attend.

Sasha laughed at this question at first and admitted that she hoped all three would pursue medical school or at least be in the medical field. She also hoped they’d receive scholarships to well-respected state universities, despite the tuition money she wanted to save.

Together, we considered her options. We needed to know how much her current budget could stretch to start an educational savings plan for the boys. We also wanted to reduce her loan payments by consolidating her loans to lower her interest and principle payments on a monthly basis so she could reallocate that money to the boys’ accounts. We considered her current income and put together an investment plan to meet her needs. We also considered how much she should spend on education or extra-curricular activities. when the boys were young.

Sasha has been following our recommendations and is headed towards meeting her goals. Her oldest son has his eye on medical school. In the next few years, her other boys will be headed to college too.

Life’s a Journey

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