Meet Camilla and George


Goal: Saving and Planning with two special needs children

Careers: Human Services

Camilla and George are a couple in their early thirties with two young special needs children. Doting parents who both work in human services, they were challenged with providing their kids the extra time and attention they needed while still earning a living and saving for the things they knew their family would need in the future: a bigger house, Camilla’s mother to move in to provide child care, and cutting back on their work schedules. Not only that, but they wanted to make sure their children would be taken care of well into adulthood.

It was daunting for them to think about,
and they needed guidance.

We sat down with them and mapped out a long-term financial plan. We considered their current incomes and how much they would need to save for the house, calculated for their yearly raises, and even looked at affordable neighborhoods and school districts that would best meet their needs. We created an investment portfolio, calculated the saved cost of childcare, and broke it down to monthly spending allowances.

They needed to stay on a strict budget if they were going to cut down on their work hours, pay a higher mortgage, and save for their kids’ futures.

Then we set up regular meetings to chart any changes and updates in their situation to make sure they didn’t get off track and that we could maximize any opportunities that might arise.

Nearly two years later, they bought the house, and once Camilla’s mom moved in, Camilla added back hours into her work schedule. The kids are in a school they like, and Camilla’s mother is there for them when they get back from school.

George changed jobs and is making much more than he was before, which has allowed the couple to ease up on the strict spending.

As their lives continue to grow and change, we’ll be there to help them navigate and choose the best financial options available. We have no doubt this family is going to be just fine.

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